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Product name : Core Veneer Composer
Item : VC1350
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Specific parameters fo core veneer builder Machine 
Working veneer width 900 ~ 1350mm 
The minimum width of the board can be processed 200mm 
Veneer effective length  900 ~ 2600mm 
Effective thickness of veneer 1 ~ 6mm 
Efficiency  300 ~ 350 pieces per hour 
Veneer Transmission speed 30 to 40 m / min 
Dimension size 10.5x 2.4x 2.5 m 
Drive motors
Precursor  2KW ;Rear-wheel drive 3KW
Before cutting force 1.5KW;After cutting force 1.5KW 
Conveyor 0.75KW ;Conveyor 1.5KW ;Closing veneer movements  3KW 
Sol slot  Trunking 4KW ;Point groove  4KW 
Machine weight   5000KG

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