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Veneer Rotary Lathe
CNC 90m/min Veneer Cutting Line
Spindless Rotary Lathe
Spindle Rotary Lathe
Veneer Clipper
Veneer Rotary Clipper
Veneer Pneumatic Clipper
Veneer Guillotine
Press Machine
Glue Spreader
Sizer Cutting Saw
Sanding Machine
Log Handle Equipment
Energy Center
Charger Centering
Dryer Equipments
Knife Sharpener
Face Veneer
Spare Parts
Veneer Knife Blades
veneer dryer spare
Accesory Device

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Spindless Rotary Lathe (Older Model) | Veneer Rotary Clipper | 4ft Spindless Rotary Lathe | 4ft,6ft,8ft Log Debarker | Automatic Panel Edges Sizer Saw for Trimming | Cold press machines | Multi-Opening Hot Press Machine | Veneer Stacker | Double Sides Calibrate Sander | 8ft Hydraulic Rotary Lathe | 8f Mechanical Spindle Rotary Lathe | Press Platen | Veneer Roller Dryer | Veneer Mesh Belt Dryer | Straight Knife Blade Sharpener | 4ft CNC Spindle Rotary Lathe BQK1215/8A1 | Horizontal Veneer Slicer | Pneumatic Clipper | CNC Double Spindles Rotary Lathe BQK1626/8 | Rosser head log debaker | Multi-opening Press With Loading System | BQK1913/4 Spindle&Spindless Combined Rotary Lathe | Finger Joint Board Compose Press Machine | Hydraulic panel turn-over machine YFB48 | Radius Multi-opening Press Machines | Multi Blades Panel Cutting Saw | Core Veneer Composer | Log Cross Cutting Line With Feeder | Hydraulic Veneer Scissors | Lamination Press Line | Longitudinal veneer slicer | Face Veneer Rotary Peeling Lathe BQ1226/13 | Combined Veneer Rotary Lathe | Log Cross Cutting Chain Saw | 80m/min Spindless Peeler SL2600/5 | Log Debarker BBP1400E | 03 heads Panel Board Sanding Machine | Veneer Sanding Machine | Glue Spreader | Mesh belt,Jet tube,Roller,Radiator | Veneer Knife Blade | Honing Stone | Glue Application Layout | Stay Log Lathe | 3 Heads Precision Knife Grinder | Spindless Lathe with Build-in Clipper BXQ(J)1827/5B | Ring Debarker | Log Deck | Plywood Sorter | CNC Spindless Rotary Lathe SL1350/5B | SL (J) 2600/5B Spindless with Build-in Clipper |

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Company News
Wood Industry News&Source
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Connect with us on Facebook | 2013 Autum Canton Fair See You BOOTH NO. 8.1K29 | WMF 2014,China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) | New Wood-Machines Production Base Start Use. | 2014 Canton Fair Booth 1.1C21 in Oct. | See U at fairs at first-season of 2015 | 80M/MIN SPINDLESS PEELER SL2600/5 ON FAIR | 2016 Domotex Asia,We Are Here | 2017 exhibition iFMAC at South of Asia,Jakarta Indonesia | Здравствуйте 2017 WOODEX Moscow Russia, Booth No. D537 | 2021 Installation Log Cross Cutting Line | New Plywood Production Unit | Strengthen Learning Byself |